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total members


time the clan has been open

2-3 months


about us.

We are a new and upcoming gaming clan/orginization, and we would like to tell you a little about our selves. we are a 5 man clan at the moment but we are looking at expanding our team. We are a crossplatform clan and we play alot of different game.


Our focus.

We are focusing on building the clan first and then creating teams for different games.

Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.




co-founder and co-owner.


co-owner and co-founder


moderator and admin

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total members


Positive Feedbacks


Novat Gaming in detail

We understand you are curious about what we do and what we are.

Super friendly

we are a super friendly clan, we take any player with any type of skill, we do not judge based on your skill ect.


we are a community based clan/ esport based

we do have a community side of the clan where people can hang out and play with eachother but then we have the pro side of the clan and that is where you will need to qualify in a certian game to actually make the team.


all the different games we play

we play a whole variety of games, the main games we play in tournements are call of duty fortnite and mabe siege one day, for the community side we have a whole variety of games.


rules of the clan

There ar 5 rules of the clan that you must follow otherwise you will get kicked out/banned and here are the following rules:

1: do not harras or discriminate against other members.

2: do not use any cheeting methods for any games that includes hacking.

3: Respect the staff and listen to them and do as they say.

4: NO Racism.

5: have fun.


Why Select Us?

We understand you will need all the reasons why you should choose us.

we will help you grow as a player
in this clan our main focus is to help you preform better at which ever game you want to play.

we have a discord server if you wanna join us

this is not just a clan this is a family
this clan may seam like just an ordinary clan but for the matter of fact we are a family, we care for eachother when things are rough and you are in tough times the clan will be there for online casino games real money no deposit

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Get in Touch

We understand your intrested in joining the clan

Here for you

email us at any time if you have any questions.
if you need to contact someone just email me:

About us

we are not just a clan we are a family.

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